T.A.Vision Pin-ups Gallery
(Guest art wanted. If you want to send me any gift art or fanart, please send it to (tangcomic@sympatico.ca)

HCT fanart by Guest Artist
Evil Cow Empress *New 24-Jul-05
by by Karandosh
   First HCT fanart!!


TAV pin-up by Tang
Miki and Sutsuko  Marker drawing. (Commissioned)
Group poste3   Marker drawing. (Commissioned)
Group poster2   Marker drawing. (Commissioned)
Group poster   Marker drawing. (Commissioned)
Miki  Marker and color pencil (Commissioned)


TAV fan art by Guest Artist
Sachiko Tanaka
by Ju-Lian
Ju-Lain's Home page  Sachiko Tanaka from the author of Rule of Make Believe
by John Jeseco
John's Home page  A gift art from the creator of The Lounge
Hanaya's Lust
by Sean Lindsay
Sean 's Home page  From author of a popular web comic krakow
by xazaxodus
xazaxodus  A miki sketch
TAV Girls (group hug )
by Brion
Brion's Homepage I didn't remember she said she's going to send me a lesbian fan art. It is nicely done.
TAV Poster
[800x600] [1600x1200]

by H.S Kim
H.S.Kim's Homepage A TAV poster from the famous Kung Fool comic.s creator. It really Kick ass
by Manzo
 Manzo's Homepage  I know Manzo for 5 years, One of my old pal!
by Brion
 Brion's Homepage  Flip Side's author. Check out her cool comic
by Naska
 Naska's Homepage This pic worth $100 if I have to pay for it! Thanks Nas!
by Alpha2
 Alpha2's Homepage  Nicely done by Alpha2
by Arioch
Arioch's Homepage  Aroich is an old friend of mine, go visit his site!
Miyuki, Tatsuya and Miki
by Locke
Locke's Homepage I had to beg for it!Thanks Locke!
by Ed Bangalan
 Ed's Homepage  Never expected someone would draw fanart for Yukari! Very nice. Ed!
by CDC
CDC's Homepage CDC sent me this pic. I almost didn't realize it was his drawing. The style is a bit different from his usual DBZ style. Thank you CDC.
by Musashi
 Musashi's homepage Thank you!!
MikI and Tatsuya
by Clay
Clay's homepage A sketch from Clay which I have in my HD for few months now.Color it if you like.

Miki by Padder

Colored version by John
Colored version by Miruku
Colored version by Odin
Colored version by Steve

Padder's homepage

Padder did this sexy pic of Miki for me! Thanks pal!

And thank you for readers sent me the colored version

by Denjiro
Denjiro's homepage  Mr. Denjiro is a professional manga artist in Japan.
Thank you Denjiro san
Miss Hanaya and Tatsuya
by Susan Ching
Susan's homepage Susan is my old friend. I knew I can count on her support. Thanks!
Emi Sasaki
by Alexe
Alexe's homepage Thanks Alexe!
Miss Hanaya
by WSP
Wsp's homepage Wsp is my good friend!
Two sides of Hanaya
by Starline
 Starline's homepage Good girls!
by Rocket
 Rocket's homepage Miss Hanaya's Lust somehow became more popular than Hanaya herself.
by Waiji
Waiji's homepage New gift.
Miki (again)
by Starline
 Starline's homepage New gift.
A Poster
by Evon
 Evon's homepage  Evon's my great friend!
More evil side
by yungphi
   Another gift art! 
by Starline
 Starline's homepage  The first gift art I got. Thank you very much Katt!


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